About the 2019 RCEDI SUMMIT

The RCEDI SUMMIT 2019 is where Affordable Housing Developers/Builders and “success service” providers shared the data, connected the data to the people and their systemic socioeconomic issues.  CSE’s “success service’s” model includes the following 5 pillars: Mental & Physical Wellness, Educational Attainment, Workforce Development, Financial Capability and Entrepreneurship.  In addition, these skilled practitioners talked about solutions to building “next level self-sufficiency” in the people, so the people can build thriving, sustainable communities. Thank you to all of our RCEDI Summit 2019 Sponsors, Moderators, Panelists, attendees and volunteers for joining us to shed more light on the depth of collaborative work needed to make real socioeconomic transformation in low income/high potential communities, through the portal of Affordable Housing and “success services.


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RCEDI Program


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